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Passivhaus Movement in Australia


Weathertex Is passivehaus the future for Australian House Design Andy
Andy Marlow, Director Envirotecture and Passivhaus Design & Construct

Andy is a Director at Envirotecture, holds both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Architecture, is a certified Passive House Designer and has extensive experience in sustainable design at a variety of scales. Andy is also currently a Board Member of the Australian Passive House Association.

Harley Weston, Managing Director Solaire Properties
An entrepreneur at heart, Harley is the Managing Director of Award Winning Solaire Properties comes from a background in exploration and geology. He has a strong understanding for science, environmental health and strategic business. Solaire Properties first project was crowned “Brisbane’s most social responsible home” and their latest build set to be Australia’s largest architectural home with full passive house certification.
Passivhaus Movement Australia Harley Eco building Weathertex

Passive Housing looks like it could be ‘the next big thing’ in Australia. While it’s a relatively new idea here, it’s been around in Europe for a couple of decades. Originating in Germany in 1992 where it is known as ‘Passivhaus’, it has proved to be a very useful means of getting buildings of all types (not just residential) to provide high quality, low energy indoor environments.

If you’re thinking of building, designing or living in a Passive Home or want to know more about this topic, join Weathertex together with 2 very reputable panellists in this field.

Join Weathertex and two key experts in this field to discuss this topic in more detail: