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CPD Webinex - Building Sustainably with Timber

CPD Webinex - Building Sustainably with Timber  - 16 May 1-2pm

If sustainably sourced, timber is undoubtedly one of the most environmentally-friendly building materials currently available, being a natural carbon sink and truly renewable.

With an overwhelming global shift towards environmentally-focused sustainable designs, more and more specifiers are turning towards timber as a building material for its sustainability, aesthetic qualities, ease of transport and speed of construction.

This presentation run by Weathertex clarifies the benefits for using sustainable products during construction, compares timber to other building materials as well as examining greenwashing and the various third party accreditations available within the building industry.

At the end of the presentation attendees will be able to;

• Examine the reasons & benefits for using sustainable construction products
• Learn how timber embodies energy and is the ultimate renewable resource
• Learn about the carbon cycle and the benefits of timber
• Compare how timber cladding rates against other materials
• CLT in Australia
• Examine various third party sustainability certificate organisations and under the concept of 'greenwashing'
• Learn the difference between EPD vs LCA
• Learn how Australia rates against the rest of the world

CPD Presentation accredited by AIS. 1 Formal CPD Point.

Presenter: Glenn Cairncross, Business Development Manager NSW


Glenn Cairncross

Glenn has been in the building industry for 40 years. He often delivers a cladding module talks at TAFEs around NSW. He has held technical seminars at NSW University and UTS. In Australia, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, he delivers relevant information in a language that people can understand and relate to.