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Wood you like to Know Conference & Cocktail Event - Thursday 30th March 2023 

Welcome to the Weathertex and Wattyl Wood You Like to Know Conference, where we will be exploring the many benefits of timber, including its sustainability, circular economy, and compliance with regulations.

Timber is a versatile, attractive, and environmentally friendly material that has become increasingly popular in construction. This conference will provide an opportunity for architects, builders, engineers, and other industry professionals to learn about the benefits of using timber in construction, including its positive impact on the environment, its cost savings compared to other materials, its aesthetic appeal, and its role in the circular economy.

In addition, we will discuss the sustainability of timber production and the importance of complying with regulations to ensure that timber is sourced responsibly. Our amazing line-up of expert speakers will provide the latest insights and best practices for ensuring that timber is produced and used in a responsible and sustainable manner, while also contributing to a circular economy. Click here for more information about our program.

After the conference, from 5pm to 7pm we invite you to join us for a networking cocktail event with our special guests, James Treble and Dr Michael Berger. James is an award-winning interior designer and television presenter with a passion for sustainable design. He will share his insights on the latest trends and innovations in sustainable design, and provide tips and advice on how to incorporate sustainable materials like timber into your projects. Additionally, we also have Dr Michael Berger, CEO of PEFC International from Geneva exclusively speaking at our conference and also attending the cocktail event as our special guest.

As an added benefit, all attendees will receive links to the presentations from the conference, allowing you to rewatch them at your own pace and continue your professional development or use them as training tools.

Whether you are looking to expand your knowledge on sustainable construction practices, connect with other professionals in the field, or simply enjoy an evening of drinks and conversation with like-minded individuals, the Wood You Like to Know Conference and networking event is the perfect opportunity.

For more information about our speakers and program, please visit

We look forward to seeing you at this informative, inspiring, and fun-filled event!