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Behavioural Design in a Covid/Post-Covid World


Weathertex Event Behavioural Design in a Covid/Post-Covid World Deb
Deborah De Jong, Design and Behavioural Analyst

Deborah De Jong is a seasoned Interior Designer who specialises in ‘Design and Behavioural Analysis’ and works with clients in residential, retail and commercial sectors. Deborah is passionate about empowering organisations to unlock the potential of behavioural understanding in order to successfully create more behaviourally aware environments.

Callie van der Merwe, Founding Director, Design Partnership Australia

Callie van der Merwe is the founding partner of Design Partnership in Australia and South Africa, a business-led design agency, specialising in Retail, Hospitality, Workplace and Services markets. Callie is a qualified architect and member of a number of Design institutes and Associations. He has also received many awards over the years, in South Africa, Australia and the Middle East.

Weathertex Event Behavioural Design in a Covid/Post-Covid World Callie

In partnership with DNA Behavior International™, Deborah provides a suite of behavioural management solutions to help businesses “know, engage and grow” their executives, departmental and team leaders, employees and clients. Callie’s ‘Designing for Human Behaviour’ places ‘predictive human behavioural sets and sequencing’ at the heart of each design challenge, which maximises both the physical and emotional reward for the visitor and, by extension, meets the financial (and other) objectives of the owner. Both Callie and Deborah aim to alter the way we apply our understanding and approach to social spaces.

Join Deborah, Callie and Weathertex’s Andrew Savage in this intriguing discussion about the effect that COVID has had, and will have, on the built environment.

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