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Tiny House Movement in Australia


Weathertex Is passivehaus the future for Australian House Design Andy
Grant Emans, Director of Designer Eco Tiny Homes

Grant Emans, Director of Designer Eco Tiny Homes will be joining Weathertex to discuss the benefits, challenges and some misconceptions about Tiny Housing and answer any questions you may have.

Family owned business, Designer Eco Tiny Homes offer design and construction package that specialises in environmental sustainability. Based on the Tiny House Movement in the USA, 2016 brought a new era for Grant when it came to design and construction where he ceased building the regular homes and focused primarily on the construction of tiny homes.

Australia’s homes are among the largest in the world but there’s an increase momentum behind the downsizing trend. Now, people are starting to understand that good things really can come in small (or tiny) packages.

Housing affordability, simple way of living and sustainability are some of the main triggers that many people are considering living small or tiny.