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Prefabrication Building in Australia


Prefabrication Building Australia Photo Lester Eco Building Weathertex
Lester Raikes, Managing Director – Anchor Homes (VIC)

As one of our founding directors, Lester utilises his 15 years of design and construction experience to support his team, going above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction.

Troy Chambers, Architectural Design Manager – Ausco Modular (QLD)

Troy has been an integral part of the Ausco Design team that has delivered education facilities, community centres and other modular designed projects over the last two years.

Prefabrication Building Australia Photo Troy
Ashley Beaumont, Director – Beaumont Building Designs and Ecoliv Buildings (VIC)

Ashley has been creating sustainable lifestyles through building design and construction for over 25 years. Dedicated to designing sustainable homes and commercial buildings, Ashley leads Ecoliv Buildings and Beaumont Building Designs sustainable design philosophy throughout both businesses.

Ben Scott, Co-Founder and Managing Director – Uniplan (NSW)

Ben is Co-Founder and MD of Uniplan Group a manufacturer of modular homes and cabins in Armidale NSW. Having started Uniplan Group as a small three man family business it has now grown into a team of over 120 in Australia.

Prefabrication Building Australia Photo of Ben Scott

Modular prefabricated projects are on the rise in Australia, with more and more buyers turning to prefabricated options rather than the typical onsite build.
At present, five per cent of all homes are modular but that is expected to rise to as much as 25 per cent by 2025. Is this the inevitable future of construction in Australia?

Join Weathertex and four key experts in this field to discuss this topic in more detail: