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Primelok Shadowood
Smooth 170mm

Primelok Shadowood Smooth 170mm Weatherboard Cladding
Primelok is our most popular range for achieving traditional sophistication and elegance. Regardless if you select Hamptons styling for urban living or a more relaxed coastal style, Primelok has a wide range of profiles to create this look. The exclusive easy-aligning boards ensure a perfect installation saving time and labour costs by up to 20%.

Primelok Shadowood Smooth board is a CodeMark accredited weatherboard that has a smooth flat surface finish. The top of the board begins with a 20mm smooth surface, a platform for where the following board will be placed. Following, is a 40mm wide groove. The groove begins rather deep at 5mm. Gradually, as the groove progresses, the depth decreases, eventually meeting with the smooth surface. When the next board is fixed, the Shadowood profile provides an intense shadow line.

  • Made from real Australian hardwoods.
  • Lapping of board conceals fixings.
  • Single person install.
  • Can be cut with standard carpentry tools.
  • Can be used internally and externally.
Weathertex wall timber cladding panel house 25 year guarantee

Specifications & Accessories

Dimensions: 3660mm x 170mm

Thickness: 9.5mm

Weight per board: 6.4 kg

Weight/m2: 10kg

Bal Rating: 19

Weathertex weatherboard exterior wall cladding accessories shadowood joiner

Shadowood Joiner

Product Code : #148900

Material : Polycarbonate/ABS

Weathertex Trimtec aluminium large long vertical joiner for installation weathergroove timber cladding

Large Long Vertical Joiner

Product Code : #150650

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Weathertex Trimtec large end stop aluminium

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Weathertex trimtec large external corner accessories

Large External Corner

Product Code : #149800

Material : Anodised Aluminium

Weathertex trimtec large internal corner accessories

Large Internal Corner

Product Code : #149600

Material : Anodised Aluminium

Weathertex Large corner plug for primelok weatherboard installation

Large Corner Plug – Use with Large External Corner

Product Code : #149850

Material : PVC

Weathertex trimtex aluminium primelok starter strip for Weathertex wall feature wall cladding

Primelok Starter Strip

Product Code : #109350

Material : Colorbond

Weathertex cavity closer large primelok timber cladding

Cavity Closer Large

Product Code : #149450

Material : Colorbond

Primelok Shadowood Smooth 170mm

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