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The Natural Range: Staining & Maintaining

The Weathertex Natural Range is a series of unprimed weatherboards, cladding and architectural panels. The unprimed boards provide a unique appearance, with the characteristics of raw undressed timber. The Natural surface is pressed to create a woodgrain effect with the knots and organic patterns of natural timber. There are 3 techniques that can be used to style the Weathertex Natural range.

Weathertex weathergroove natural unsealed
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Retain Original Colour

Weathertex Natural begins as a dark hardwood colour. Left uncoated it will lighten from UV and to retain the original colour the boards should be stained. We recommend a test spot before staining.
If you initially choose to lighten the boards but want to restore them to their original colour later, you can do so at any time. Clean the boards with a deck cleaner and a sturdy deck cleaner brush before beginning the staining process.

Unsealed (Naturally Lighten)

Left to weather naturally by the sun, the timber will lighten and ‘silver off’ after a period of time. This can produce some beautiful results that become a unique feature of the construction. For best results use this technique on buildings that are exposed to full sun and aren’t obscured by fences, trees or awnings. Weathertex is made with Australian hardwood timber and colours may slightly vary season to season.
To stop the silvering off process the boards can be stained at any time which will help protect the boards from the sun, as well as allow for a new spectrum of colours. Boards can be brought back to their original dark colour by first scrubbing with a deck cleaner and then applying the appropriate coloured stain.

Colour, Stain & Sealed

Weathertex Natural range can be stained and sealed in the same manner as other hardwood timbers (such as timber decking). Wash the boards down first with a deck cleaner and make sure the boards are clean and dry before staining. When staining follow the direction of the cladding to ensure each board has an even coating.
Coat the boards with a soft brush first before cutting in the edges. Add another coat, then cut in again. Minimum of two coats required, a third coat is optional (check the stain guide for recommendations), and there is no need to cut in the edges again on the third coat. Keep a wet edge throughout to make sure visible layers aren’t seen on the finished product. Stopping and starting during coating may lead to an uneven finish as the stain will dry in uneven layers.
We don’t recommend a clear coat or varnish, as water based stains with pigment help protect the timber from UV. Maintenance of the stain is required to stop fading over time. Make sure to also follow the stain manufacturer’s directions, as they may vary between products.

Porters Palm Beach Black stained Weathertex Weathergroove Wall Panels
Every project is different, so these instructions can be used as a guide. For further technical information on Weathertex we recommend reading our installation manual and warranty. Please make sure to follow all product instructions when staining as they may vary.
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