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Selflok Millwood Smooth 300mm

Selflok Millwood Smooth weatherboard external cladding
Selflok Weatherboards have a super simple self-locking system that aligns every board perfectly. Precise routing gives the product a beautiful and unique ship-lapped profile which has become the all-time Weathertex favourite.

Selflok Millwood Smooth board is a CodeMark accredited weatherboard that has a smooth flat surface finish. The 300mm board contains two 25mm pattern indentations. The pattern begins with a narrow groove, with a flat base. This is followed by a semi circle ridge; a small curve then eventuates, allowing the pattern to meet with the smooth finish of the Millwood Smooth board.

  • Made from real Australian hardwoods.
  • Off stud joining option enables minimal waste and less timber stud layout
  • Can be cut with standard carpentry tools
  • Can be used internally (group 3) and as an external wall cladding in bushfire attack levels up to and including BAL 19 construction.
  • Curved walls can be achieved down to a minimum 2.5m radius for Selflok.
Weathertex wall timber cladding panel house 25 year guarantee

Specifications & Accessories

Dimensions: 3660mm x 300mm

Thickness: 9.5mm

Weight per board: 10.6 kg

Weight/m2: 10kg

Bal Rating: 19

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Selflok Millwood Smooth 300mm

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